Friday, January 30, 2009

Back Door Entitlement Increases

Does anyone with the slightest understanding of liberal politicians and their long-term tactic of incremental change not understand what’s going on here?

There are (and will be more) long sought after increases in various “entitlements” which, though never able to make it through the legislative process on their own merits, have been rolled into the “economic stimulus legislation”.

The bill will pass just like the last time, because this is such an emergency - even though only about 12% of it is actually stimulative. The entitlement increases are not "sunsetted" or even being referred to as “temporary because of the economic crisis”, but even if they were, is there anything more permanent than a “temporary” government entitlement program?

Our children will pay for them ... long after we're gone.

About eight years ago I told a group of eager young students preparing to enter college and embark on the rest of their lives I was sorry that my generation hadn't left them the same country that the "greatest generation" left to me. It was sincere and heart-felt then, and I feel it even more now.

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