Sunday, February 1, 2009

I’m Just Askin’

Just in case some of my liberal friends stumble across this … just consider with an open mind. Honest answers only please – you only have to respond privately and to your own conscience.

What would an entertainer like Kanye West say about the White House response to 28 deaths from the ice storms in Kentucky? Where is FEMA with emergency generators and supplies? Where is the press … shouldn’t they be there reporting the administrations slow response? Why hasn’t the president cared enough to visit the area – it’s been five days since the storm. Doesn’t he care about white folk?

Where’s the outrage?

How loud would Keith Olbermann be screaming at his cameras if men with the same “problems” as Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle were appointed by President Bush?

How much noise if Charles Rangel were a republican?

How loud would CNN and MSNBC be complaining about the “chilling effect” of white house suppression of “freedom of expression” if President Bush made remarks about the commentators on failed “Air America” similar to those by President Obama about Rush?

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