Friday, January 30, 2009

Part of the Solution ... or Part of the Problem

President Obama got applause from the audience, which included union officials, when he said unions will be part of the solution.

They have certainly been helpful to the US auto industry ... just look how successful they have been. Until just very recently auto workers union members could receive as much as 95%of their salary AFTER they were laid off. That certainly had to contribute to the industry's (and their stockholders' ... you and me) bottom line.

Now the steel workers are talking strike. That's sure to bring huge benefits to the economy in the "rust belt".

I have personally seen large government contracts that cost more than they should have because of Davis-Bacon requirements. Why in the world should we be REQUIRED to pay labor more than they are willing to accept to do the same job.

Do we need jobs? Businesses creates jobs ... unions do not.

Do you think this stuff doesn't effect you - just "wall street fat-cats and evil capitalists". Think again, or have you, like many others, just stopped looking at your 401K and IRA quarterly statements. I don't know about yours, but mine is vested in businesses ... not the AFL-CIO and the UAW.

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