Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will Science Trump Politics in the New Administration

There was a comment in President Obama's inauguration speech about science trumping politics which leaves me a little conflicted. I felt at the time that it was aimed squarely at President Bush's position on stem cell research, but I’d bet a lunch that only some science will trump some politics.

For example ...

The "man-caused global climate change" crowd and the major media will not report this. They will instead report endlessly on the enlightened bloviations of that renowned scientist, world-class climatologist, and did I say Nobel Laureate, Albert Gore.

What they will not report is Gore’s personal stake in the phony “carbon-trading” business, the unintended impact of some enviro-efforts, or the utter hypocrisy of some of the movement's major proponents.

Does anyone doubt that the science referred to in this piece will get less media play than Paris Hilton would if she had someone build her a hybrid Bentley?

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