Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts on the 5th of July

After re-reading the Declaration of Indepenence over the weekend, I invite your attention to a few things we should all ponder (just might win me a spot on Secretary Napolitano's A-list) :

Consider the utter disregard for case law and precedent in the actions surrounding the federal acquisition and distribution of GM and Chrysler.

Consider the aristocratic questioning of corporate CEO’s use of business jets by members of congress whose travel budgets have skyrocketed over the past few years. Please have someone explain to me how a congressional delegation’s trip – including family members – to the Galapagos Islands is of any lasting benefit to ANY of their constituents other than themselves and their family members. And guess how many of them fly commercial?

Observe the ongoing and continuous revelations that many members of our elected aristocracy have, by their own admission, committed actions for which we – their “employers” - would undoubtedly be tried, convicted, and sentenced to at least make recompense if not incarceration. Just try not claiming income, for which you have been advised that you owe taxes, on YOUR tax forms, or “forget” to declare a rather substantial amount of rental income (at least for those of us who actually PAY our taxes)– over a period of years. The hypocrisy of men like Charles Rangel, Christopher Dodd, and Timothy Geithner establishing national fiscal policy and determining how OUR money is spent is positively stunning.

Look at your taxes! Not just your withholding at the end of each pay period, but ALL your taxes. After the aristocracy takes their piece, you are left with something in the neighborhood of 75% of YOUR earnings on which to live and raise your family. But wait … most of what spend is inflated with a sales tax burden, making it cost 7-9% more than it should, and that’s just the direct sales tax. It doesn’t factor in the impact on your budget of the taxes levied on everyone involved in getting that product to your hands. Then look at your monthly bills and add up all the taxes, levies, “program” support charges and such that city, county, and state governments have added to your monthly cost of living. Just take a line by line look at your utility, phone, cable/satellite/internet, water & sewer, and almost any other bill you receive. Then there are taxes to register your car, taxes to fuel your car, taxes to stay in a hotel room, Add up those charges and see how much deeper the government has its hand in your pocket. “Tax Freedom Day” this year in California – the day when you finally started earning for yourself – was calculated to be April 20th. You worked about 110 days – almost a third of the year - for someone else.

Remember. The government aristocrats do not produce wealth, they merely take it from those who do, and use it to buy votes from those who do not. Anything the government gives to one person it must take from another.

I then invite your attention to the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. It seems particularly relevant recently.

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